10 Horror Movies on Netflix to Stream Now 2023

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If you’re here, you probably love scary things as much as I do. From one horror fan to another, can we just be honest for a minute? A lot of what we like is rubbish.

Like the best psychological movies, there’s something about a good scare and nightmare-like situation that makes you forget how bad the real world is. Unfortunately, horror movies are probably the most saturated genre on Netflix, especially with the number of B-rated horror movies that rely heavily on clichéd plotlines and devices. I’ve probably seen so many horror movies at this point that most scare tactics don’t work on me anymore. It becomes all the more amazing when I find something that does this. And because everyone has a different idea of what makes a good horror movie, it’s hard to find a good movie based solely on Rotten Tomatoes numbers.

I’ve found that the best horror movie references come from other horror movie fans, so being one of them, I’m here to share some of my most terrifyingly missed favorites. Here are the best horror movies you can watch on Netflix right now. There are mad cults, bloody ghosts and sick games of gore here.

Best 10 Horror Movies on Netflix

1 . Would You Rather

In the classic game, at least, there is a sadistic twist when it is announced that the winner will be awarded an obscene sum of money. It sounds corny, but as the game progresses it becomes clear that there is only one winner because there is only one winner left.

2 .Crimson Peak

Guillermo del Toro’s gothic horror film is a horror film as well as an art form, which explains the cult following it has gathered since its release. A young heiress moves into her ancestral home after marrying a handsome British aristocrat. Looking at this most eerie house perched atop mountains of blood-red soil, you can definitely conclude that this is not the place for post-wedding dreams. This isn’t a traditional horror movie of the Guillermo genre, but its beautiful imagery will remind you.

3 .#Alive

As zombie movies have become a separate film category, zombie movies border on horror, but I just want to point out that this is a very good zombie horror movie. Values: A video game live streamer in Seoul is trapped alone in his apartment during the zombie apocalypse. As the infected horde grows, he soon learns that the survivors may be a formidable foe.

4 . Suaha The Middle Finger

This Korean thriller/mystery film isn’t technically a horror film, but it has several interesting scenes that will leave a chilling impression on your mind for a long time. Values: Played by Lee Jung-jae, the Squid game’s main character, a priest who investigates and uncovers religious doctrines increasingly disturbing linking a mysterious new group to a series of murders of teenage girls Doer starts looking for clues.

5 . Eli

As you can guess from the title, the movie is about a boy named Eli who is allergic to the world and has to live in a bubble wearing just vacuum-packed clothes. Her parents take her to a supposed “special case” specialist who can cure her genetic abnormalities, but all doesn’t look right at this cold, high-tech facility.

6 .1BR

TB, this movie still scares me of certain apartment communities. When a shy aspiring designer moves into a secure, one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, she discovers that the house is actually controlled by a cult, which uses mental and physical torture to unite people.

7 .Hush

Having the main character be a deaf woman brings innovation to the slasher-horror genre. Fighting a stupid assassin in the woods isn’t that hard, so the author has to do it in complete silence. The killer is a manic killer who kills for fun, but Maddie (Kate Siegel) tries to outwit him and uses her sharp writing skills to predict his next action. It also doesn’t resort to the scare-mongering tactics that plague many slasher films, like many of the films on this list.

8 .In The Tall Grass

Stephen King is a terrifying king in both the book and the movie, but this film adaptation is my favorite. Seeking the help of a little boy lost in a field of tall grass, two siblings enter a green moat only to realize there is no way out. This is a situation that no compass or Google Maps can solve; In addition to not having a WiFi connection, there is something wonderful hidden in the grass, which creates a seemingly infinite loop and time lapse that cannot be saved.

9 .His House

What could be worse than a country that is full of violence and war? Try out a haunted house with ghosts and ghouls living in the walls. When a tired but hopeful refugee couple arrives in England in the hope of a better life, they have to deal with some difficult situations, like not being able to work or move into that (very scary) house, and what has happened They were given to leave him. This is one horror film that horror fans won’t want to miss. It is filled with haunting images, powerful metaphors and parts of a Sudanese story.

10 .Malevolent

Starring Florence Pugh (aka the Queen of Emotive Faces), a brother-sister duo stars as scammers who run fake medium scams on clients who believe their home is haunted. But as they begin to see things as they are and lose their grip on reality, they soon realize that this “fake” appointment is very real.

Since zombie movies have become their own genre, the zombie movie is on the verge of horror, but I had to include this because it is a good zombie horror movie. The zombie apocalypse has begun, and a video game live-streamer is trapped alone in his flat in Seoul. As the number of sick people grows, he soon realizes that those still alive may pose a greater threat.

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