How to self tan with tanologist?


  • Tanologist Eraser and Primer should be used in order to prepare the skin.
    Apply moisturizing cream to regions that tend to dry out, such as the hands, elbows, knees, and feet.
  • Utilizing a tanning mitt, apply the product to the skin in circular motions moving from the head to the toes. Use either our tanning mitt or our blending brush to blend in the product on your face.
  • Take a shower anywhere between one and four hours after application, depending on the result you want, and wash your hands afterwards.
How to self tan with tanologist?
How to self tan with tanologist?

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How long does Tanologist tan take to develop?

How long does it take for it to grow, and do you need to rinse it off once it’s done? Our Mousses develop over 4-6 hours. Because there is no guide color, there is no requirement that you wash it off beforehand.

How do you get the best results from a Tanologist?

Spray the solution straight over your dry skin, then use a tanning mitt to mix it in using big, circular strokes. Take a shower between one and four hours after application, depending on the result you want. More time = deeper tan. After using the product, properly wash your hands.

How long does Tanologist self tan last?

After it has fully developed, your glow will linger for up to a week and will gradually fade away, much like a sun tan would. Each bottle is concentrated, so rinse off after just two hours to achieve a natural-looking sheen. Before showering, wait until the next morning to get the darkest bronze possible.

Can I put clothes on after using Tanologist?

The skin was not left dry in any way. There is no color transfer onto the bedding or the clothing.

Can I leave Tanologist on overnight?

The mousse can be rinsed off after two hours or left on the skin overnight for a tan that is guaranteed to have people inquiring if you’ve been away. This is made possible by Tanologist’s distinctive non-comedogenic technology, which prevents the pores from being clogged with tan buildup.

How long can you leave Tanologist on for?

“Tanologist is intended to last up to 7 days, however we recommend reapplying every 3 days to retain your glow,” it says in the frequently asked questions section of their website.

How often should you apply Tanologist?

How long will the products be effective? Tanologist is designed to last for up to seven days, however in order to keep your glow looking its best, we recommend using it once every three days.

When should I wash off Tanology?

Because each bottle is express, wash off after 2 hours for a mild glow. To achieve the deepest bronze, leave it on overnight before showering. Choose from three customizable hues based on your desired end-result: Glow in the Dark.

How long should I wait to put clothes on after self-tanning?

After successfully self-tanning, wait until the products have completely dried before attempting to put on any garments. We recommend waiting at least 10 minutes, but keep an eye on any trouble spots, such as under the arms or behind the knees, to see how they’re drying. It’s too early if you’re still tacky!

Does self tanner continue to develop after shower?

If you shower after only a few hours, you may realize that your skin isn’t as tanned as you’d hoped. Don’t be concerned! For a few hours, your color will continue to develop and darken (and a spray tan takes up to 24 hours to develop fully). Is that brown water going down the drain?

Will Tanologist drops stain sheets?

Tanologist drops do not contain a color guide and will not stain your bedding or clothes! When using self-tanner, use a tanning mitt and remember to thoroughly wash your hands afterward.

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