My Best Friend Essay in English

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Friendship is a relationship that is no less trustworthy even if it is not related to family or blood. Making a true friendship is a very difficult task for everyone, however, if one finds a true friendship, then he is a very lucky person among a large crowd. This is a divine and most precious gift of life. True friendship is rarely found and is considered one of life’s greatest achievements. I am the same lucky because I have a good friend since my childhood.

My Best Friend Essay (400 words)

There has always been a friend in my life named Ashutosh. There is something special in my life that helps me in every difficult moment. He is someone who shows me the right path. Despite his busy schedule he always has time for me. He is my neighbor, that’s why we are friends even after finishing school. Every time we have permission from school, we go on a picnic together. We both celebrate our festivals with each other and with family.

We go together to the Ramlila grounds to see the Ramlila fair and have a lot of fun. We both always participated in extracurricular activities at school. We both like to play cricket and carrom at home. He is more than a friend to me because he always shows me the right path when I am in difficult situations.

He is very special in my life. I don’t do anything without him. He is always in a good mood and never commits to wrong paths. He always does the right thing and inspires everyone in the class to do the right thing. He keeps smiling even in difficult situations and never lets his problems affect his face. He is a good advisor, he likes to explain anything. Take care of his parents, grandparents and other family members. He always obeys his orders and those of other elders in society.

I first met him when he was in fifth grade and now we both study in the same class in eighth grade, he is very tall and looks very different from my other classmates. Once I became very sad for some reasons. I couldn’t buy all the books needed for class 6. He asked me what happened and I told him my whole story. He said you have been sad for so many days because of such a small thing. He started laughing and said, don’t worry, I can share all the books with you at school and at home. You don’t need to buy a single book throughout the year.

After this he made me laugh with his jokes and stories. I can never forget that moment when he helped me and he is always willing to help me. He is very practical and never mixes personal and professional life. He always helps me solve math problems. Our likes and dislikes are different, but we are both best friends.

My Best Friend Essay (300 words)

I have many friends since my childhood but Rushi is my best friend forever. He lives with his parents in the apartment next to my house. She is a sweet and helpful girl by nature. True friendship is very important for all of us to take the right direction and move forward in life. Finding a good and true friend is a very difficult task although some lucky people succeed.
She is the first person among all my friends with whom I can share all my feelings. She is very kind by nature and she helps everyone. She is the class monitor and she is liked by all the teachers in the class. She performs very well in sports and studies. She has a great personality and loves helping people in need.

She is very friendly by nature and has enthusiastic manners. She thinks positive and inspires me all the time. She speaks very politely and never fights with me or others. She never lies and behaves well. She is a very funny person and when we are sad she loves to tell jokes and funny stories. She is an understanding friend and she always looks out for me. She has the ability to do anything difficult in her life and I always praise her for each of the small and big achievements of her. She is a very popular student at school because she is very good at studies, sports and other activities.

She always gets the highest marks in class tests and main exams. At exam time she explains any topic very easily. She has very good observation power and skills. Whenever the teacher explains something in class, she understands it very quickly. She is a very good soccer player and she has won awards by participating in many competitions at school and district level.

My Best Friend Essay (250 – 300 words)


Jyoti is my best friend. She takes care of me a lot. She treats me well and she always helps me. I met him in class 6 and then we both became good friends. She is my true friend because she understands me well and she takes care of all my needs. I never had a friend like her before.

characteristic of my friend

She is a very open minded girl and she never feels bad about my bad behavior. She is very entertaining by nature and makes me laugh with her talks and jokes in her free time. She is very sweet and charming, she attracts everyone with her way of talking and smiling, she is good at sports and academic activities.

friendship between my friend and me

He is like me in many things. Our parents love us both very much and like our friendship. She is precious to me and I never want to lose her friendship. Whenever I can’t attend class, she helps me complete all the remaining classes and assignments. She always motivates me to do well in class and on exams. She follows my advice to correctly perform all her difficult tasks.


We all should make good friends in our life. If our company is good then good qualities are created in us. That is why the elders have said that good qualities come from company and good qualities come from company.

My best friend essay

I have been blessed with some amazing friends in my life, but there is one friend whose thoughts always come to mind when I think of the best of the best. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs together and he’s always been there for me. We have been good friends for over 10 years and I can honestly say that he is the most loyal and supportive person I know. She is someone I always laugh with, even when I feel sad. We have a lot of fun together and always find something to talk about. I also appreciate that he is honest with me: she tells me when I’m being ridiculous and I know I can trust her judgment. I don’t know what I would do without her and I am so grateful for our friendship.

He is always there for me when I need him, he always listens to me and he never hesitates to support me. She is one of the funniest people I know and I always enjoy spending time with her. We have shared many memories together over the years and I know we will continue to do so for many years to come. I thank my friend for his friendship and know that he is a valuable and integral part of my life. He has a wonderful personality and I am very proud to call him my friend.

500 Words Essay on My Best Friend

Friendship is a wonderful gift in anyone’s life. A person meets many types of people throughout his life. There are only a few people among them who share similar thoughts and personality. We spend more time with these types of people and we want to be around them. The ultimate shape of any relationship emerges gradually and has a lasting impact on life.

Essay on qualities of my best friend

My dear friend, Sumit is the most trustworthy and understanding person I know. He has many qualities that I also want to incorporate into my life.

Sumit is the person who always supports me in every situation. He is someone I can trust even with my eyes closed and he always supports me. I can share all my things openly with him without hesitation.

My best friend is always honest with me even if he sometimes hurts me as a joke. He never lies to me and he always tells me the truth. Sumit is someone I have a special place in my heart for and I have faith that he will never hurt me.

Sumit is one of those people in my life who is always there for me, physically and emotionally. If I feel uncomfortable, he always tries to make me feel comfortable. If I need someone to talk to, he is always willing to listen. He is always a shoulder to lean on when I cry and a friend who never misunderstands me.

My best friend Sumit is someone I can always have fun with. He is someone I can laugh and joke with and he will never get angry. He knows how to have a good time and is always willing to try new things.

Essay on My Best Friend (100 Words)

When two people connect on a deeper level, they become friends and become constants in each other’s lives. My best friend is Anil. My thoughts, tastes and nature are almost similar to yours, this is also necessary for a true and deep friendship. Having a best friend like him has improved my life in many ways. He listens and understands my problems, helps me solve them and makes me feel happy and relaxed all the time.

I feel less alone with Anil, he makes me feel comfortable and every moment I spend with him is a blessing. When I’m around him, I always laugh. He is one of the funniest people I know. I feel like I can always count on Anil for anything. I have known her for almost 5 years and during this time we have spent many wonderful times together.

Essay on My Best Friend (200 Words)

True friendship is priceless and has immense importance in human life. My dear friend, without a doubt, it is a blessing that God has given me. There is nothing better than having a true friend with whom you can discuss the most important events in your life and get their support whenever you need it.

There is nothing that can compare to the unwavering love and honesty that a friend provides. Best friends give meaning to our lives and also make it simple and happy.

My dear friend is one of the greatest treasures of my life. Time goes by very quickly when I spend time with him. My dear friend Anmol is always there to help me whenever I need help or encouragement. We share our experiences and create memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Anmol is the first person I think of in case of any problem. Whenever I have any difficulty, he always helps me by giving me the best ideas. The only person I can fully trust for the rest of my life is my dear friend Anmol. We always help each other. We spend time together almost every day and find new interesting things to do together, whether it’s trying new recipes or reading a new book.

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