Best 7 Tips for Buying Pet Insurance

pet insurance

Best 7 Tips for buying pet insurance If you’re considering buying pet insurance, here are a few Tips for buying pet insurance. 1.Make sure the policy covers all types of accidents from falls to car accidents. 2. Be sure to read the fine print to find out how much coverage you’re getting. 3.Make sure the … Read more

What is Pet Insurance?

what is pet insurance

Pet insurance is a type of health insurance policy for your pet that covers medical bills as well as other charges. Pet insurance plans are often reimbursement-based, which means you pay for the pet’s vet fees up front and then submit a claim to the insurance company. A few companies can pay the vet directly, … Read more

Best 5 Pet Insurance Cover Cataract Surgery

Does Pet Insurance Cover Cataract Surgery

As your dog or cat ages, it can be hard to see them living life at a slower pace. That includes the way to see it. Cataracts are sometimes inevitable for older pets as the years begin to advance. If you’re a dog or cat lover, get ready for some sticker shock: Cataract surgery can … Read more

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