5 Best Laptop Insurance in 2023

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Best Laptop insurance in USA protects you in the event that your laptop computer is stolen, lost, or damaged. While it can be sold as a type of device insurance, it is also covered by many normal homeowners insurance policies. Laptops are covered if they are stolen or damaged as a result of a covered peril such as fire, water, or another form of natural disaster.

best laptop insurance
best laptop insurance

Laptops are expensive, and it may be worthwhile to insure them, especially given their importance in our everyday lives. For example, if you are self-employed and rely on your laptop to accomplish work, your productivity would come to a halt if your laptop was damaged.

When selecting a laptop insurance plan, consider what it truly covers, policy limits, and any coverage restrictions. To assist you in making your decision, we selected the top five best laptop insurance plans based on cost, coverage, where you use your laptop, and other factors.

5 Best Laptop Insurance of 2023

Worth Ave. Group

Worth Ave. Group

Worth Ave. Group is one of the 5 best laptop insurance and our top pick because it provides the most comprehensive coverage, including accidental damage, theft, and extended warranty coverage. It also has a strong track record of customer satisfaction and offers savings through partner retailers.

Worth Ave. Group provides laptop insurance to consumers, college students, and K-12 children. It stood out as the best overall since it covers the most hazards and has a long track record of outstanding customer satisfaction. The insurer only offers a basic plan for laptop insurance, but it covers a wide range of dangers such as theft, vandalism, power surges induced by lighting, cracked screens, natural disasters, and spills.

Policies are available for all laptop models, new and secondhand, across the country. You can acquire a quotation by filling out their online application form, which requires you to enter your state of residence, user type, coverage amount, and insurance term. Before purchasing an insurance, you can also contact customer support at 1-800-620-2885 or ask questions using their live chat option.

The premiums for your policy will vary according on your state of residency, policy length, and coverage quantity. A Louisiana citizen, for example, who wants $500 in coverage for a one-year term might expect to pay $48 if paid annually. In comparison, a Florida resident would pay $37 for the same coverage. However, any online quotations obtained straight through their website are subject to a $100 deductible.

Policyholders can submit a claim online by logging into their policy page, going to the claims center page, and filling the relevant details before submitting. Another alternative is to print the claims form and send or fax it once finished.


  • Limitless claims
  • Coverage for educational laptops is available.
  • Insurance companies may offer premium discounts (like Progressive)


  • Claims are paid out at replacement cost.
  • This policy does not cover theft from unattended automobiles.
  • Premiums are higher than those on the list.



Asurion is one of the 5 best laptop insurance and distinguishes itself by providing a policy with either individual warranty coverage or the ability to bundle it with other equipment in your home for a cheap monthly charge.

Because of their ability to combine additional types of equipment for one monthly charge (also known as their Asurion Home+ plan), Asurion took our top ranking for numerous policies. Furthermore, you may buy policies from Amazon at the same time as you buy your new laptop. Asurion, which was founded in 1994, has offices all over the world and has received excellent client feedback.

Although it does not cover loss or theft, it does cover dangers like as power outages, cracked screens, spills, and damage from natural wear and use. Policies are distributed nationwide, and if you choose the Asurion Home+ plan, you may purchase an insurance through Amazon or their website—there is no need to obtain quotations.

The Asurion Home+ plan is $24.99 per month with coverage beginning 30 days after enrollment. Individual laptop insurance policies differ, but coverage typically includes drops and spills, cracked displays, and hardware failure. To file a claim, policyholders visit Asurion’s website.


  • Receive email notifications about the claims procedure.
  • 24 hour technical assistance
  • The majority of laptop repairs are finished within two days.


There is only one insurance option available.



We’ve found that Securranty is one of the 5 best laptop insurance and has the best costs for individual plans. Furthermore, policyholders who purchase longer terms receive a discount, and those who acquire two or more policies receive a 10% discount.

We chose Securranty as the best for affordable rates since it offers a variety of discounts, such as discounts for purchasing numerous policies. The insurer, headquartered in Houston, Texas, was founded in 2011 and is a registered insurance agency that provides extended warranties and insurance policies.

The company provides insurance for both adults and students in K-12 settings, with plan tiers for accidental damage and coverage against loss, typical dangers (such as fire), and theft. Policies are accessible throughout the United States, and obtaining a quote is as simple as completing out information on its online form—warning: it’s not very user-friendly—or phoning 1-832-304-2015.

Prices vary depending on the model of laptop and the term of the policy—the price does not depend on the worth of your laptop, which is unusual. A one-year accidental damage policy for a new laptop, for example, costs $29.95 per year, whereas a five-year plan for the same coverage costs $19.95 per year.

Policyholders can file a claim online or by phoning customer support at any time of day or night.


  • Offers a discount for purchasing numerous insurance.
  • Protection for both new and reconditioned computers
  • All models are covered.


  • The online buying form is frequently clumsy.
  • Deductibles for secondhand and rebuilt computers are greater.
  • Individual insurance do not allow for deductible selection.



SquareTrade is one of the 5 best laptop insurance and is ideal for new devices because it covers spills and liquid damage from the first day of coverage, which is one of the most typical incidents with new laptops.

SquareTrade provides some of the best overall protection, as well as an efficient online claims process and add-ons to their regular plan. This insurer, founded in 1999, collaborates with larger corporations like as Allstate to provide laptop insurance to major merchants such as Costco.

The insurer provides coverage for all sorts of new laptops as long as you buy and register your equipment within 30 days of purchase, making it the best option for individuals who have just purchased a new laptop. The online ordering procedure is simple: select the laptop’s purchase price, preferred deductible, and length of coverage. After entering your personal and financial information, you will have three days to register your plan (this is optional). This will save you time if you ever need to file a claim.

Policies are available nationally, with prices ranging from $79.99 for a two-year coverage with a $25 deductible to $999 for a three-year policy with no deductible. To register a claim, go to their claims page and enter the necessary information, such as the details from your purchase receipt and the serial number of your laptop.

One big disadvantage of SquareTrade is that it does not secure your laptop from loss or theft.


  • Some claims may be authorized right away.
  • Select from a variety of deductible options.
  • Coverage begins on the day the plan is purchased.


  • The policy only applies to new computers acquired within the last 30 days.
  • There is no option for in-person repair by approved technicians.
  • The standard policy does not cover theft.



Upsie is one of the 5 best laptop insurance and is one of the few firms that provides protection for used, open box, or refurbished laptops. It also has a lower deductible than other providers who cover secondhand computers.

Upsie, a relatively new company founded in 2018, is ideal for older gadgets because it is one of the few companies that offers coverage for used and open box items. You may be eligible for coverage if your laptop was acquired within the last 60 days and has a 30-day seller warranty. The majority of laptop brands are supported.

Obtaining a policy quotation is simple. You’ll need to enter information such as the type of gadget, brand, whether it’s new or used, the purchase price, and duration of plan on their online application form. You can select a two- or three-year plan, and all plans include a $25 deductible. Screen cracks, accidental damage like as spills, and power surge damage are all covered. Policies are available nationally, with premiums ranging from $41.37 for a two-year policy to $321.01 for a three-year policy, depending on the cost of your laptop.

You can only file a claim by phoning customer service at 1-877-844-7745, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Deductible is low.
  • The number of claims is unlimited.
  • You can have your item repaired in-person or ship it to Upsie’s approved repair center.


  • Waiting period of 31 days
  • Plans are only effective when the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.


In this article we have studied 5 best laptop insurance. It is critical to evaluate the sort of coverage you require when purchasing laptop insurance. While all of the above businesses give coverage for mechanical breakdown, spills, and broken screens, not all provide coverage for theft and loss. If you require that level of protection, keep in mind that policy rates may be higher. Overall, we like Worth Ave. Group for its comprehensive coverage, although Securranty is a worthy rival for a more affordable solution.

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Related Questions

What Is Laptop Insurance?

Laptop insurance extends beyond typical homeowners insurance and manufacturer’s warranties to cover frequent hazards. Power surges, spillage, theft, accidents, vandalism, and destruction are examples. Up to the policy limitations, the insurance company will reimburse you for financial losses such as replacing a stolen laptop or fixing a damaged screen.

Do I Need Laptop Insurance?

That is dependent on your ability to replace or repair your laptop. These devices are costly, and the costs of replacing them can be substantial. Furthermore, this sort of insurance covers situations where your manufacturer’s warranty and homeowners insurance do not.
That is dependent on your ability to replace or repair your laptop. These devices are costly, and the costs of replacing them can be substantial. Furthermore, this sort of insurance covers situations where your manufacturer’s warranty and homeowners insurance do not.
Manufacturers’ warranties, for example, normally provide coverage for up to a year and may exclude coverage for damage caused by power surges or accidents. Those who seek coverage beyond the first 12 months or for risks not covered by their manufacturer’s warranty or home insurance policy will benefit from purchasing a laptop insurance policy. If you travel frequently or use your laptop in a public place, you might consider purchasing a theft insurance policy.

What Does Laptop Insurance Cost?

The type of coverage, deductible, and protection you select will determine your laptop insurance rate. Most individual policies cost between $28 to a few hundred dollars each year. For example, policyholders who pick longer coverage terms or higher deductible amounts typically pay cheaper annual premiums. Premium rates may also be affected by the worth or purchase price of your laptop.

How We Chose the Best Laptop Insurance

We investigated ten laptop insurance companies and rated each one based on aspects such as coverage options, pricing, whether it covers both new and old computers, and the number of claim submissions. First, we looked at coverage alternatives to locate insurance that offered the most protection. Then we looked at the pricing for each plan and whether there are any savings for multiple plans or longer durations. We also considered whether each plan allows for unlimited claim submissions and how long it takes to process claims.

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