6 Best Cellphone Insurance in 2022

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In this article we will find information about 6 Best Cellphone Insurance.

Unexpected cellphone repairs or replacements can cost hundreds of dollars, but the appropriate cellphone insurance policy can help make them more reasonable. When acquiring a smartphone insurance coverage, users will pay a monthly or annual premium, often between $5 and $20 per month, and if the device is damaged, lost, or stolen, they will be able to repair or replace it for a fraction of the market value by paying a deductible.

cell phone insurance
cell phone insurance

Many insurance policies provide comparable coverage, but it is critical to properly research each provider and policy before making a decision. The best insurance are inexpensive and have low deductibles, making it simple to file a claim. Other variables to consider when choosing a service include bundle discounts, multi-device availability, and user feedback. Continue reading to find out which provider best meets your requirements.

Best 6 Best Cellphone Insurance


Many mobile companies allow consumers to add insurance to their monthly cost, and Asurion’s coverage is available to Verizon, AT&T, USCellular, and Sprint subscribers. This coverage is reasonably priced, the claims process is simple, and consumers are generally pleased with their experience. As a result of these considerations, Asurion is the top overall mobile insurance service on our list.

If an Asurion policyholder’s gadget is lost, stolen, or destroyed, they are protected (e.g., broken screens and liquid damage). Plans also cover device flaws, as well as various failures and concerns associated with regular wear and tear, such as dust accumulation or internal heat and humidity issues.

The Asurion online claims system makes it simple to file a claim, and policyholders can usually expect a replacement phone to arrive in the mail within 24 hours. However, not all broken gadgets must be replaced. Customers who have a broken screen or wish to work directly with a technician can visit one of the more than 650 uBreakiFix by Asurion locations, which will be renamed as Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions in September 2021.

They can also book a home or business visit with an Asurion technician for increased convenience. Customers can easily find the finest repair solution for them with so many available.


  • Works directly with a number of leading wireless providers.
  • Simple claims procedure
  • Comprehensive coverage that includes loss


  • Higher deductibles for some devices
  • Doesn’t offer the lowest premiums on the market


SquareTrade is the ideal alternative for families due to its reasonable prices, multi-device coverage, and higher annual claim amounts.

Allstate backs SquareTrade, which is billed as one of the most economical mobile insurance policies available. It provides lower-cost multi-device policies with higher claim allowances than many other insurance companies. These qualities, when combined, make SquareTrade our top pick for family-friendly mobile insurance.

SquareTrade insurance covers all makes and models of cellphones, regardless of carrier or age. Cracked screens, touchscreen failures, liquid damage, speak/audio failure, battery failure, and charging port failure are all covered by plans.

On-premise (e.g., at home, office, coffee shop, etc.) repairs, same-day repairs, and repairs performed at a local repair shop are all covered. If the client prefers, the phone can be mailed in for repairs, which normally takes two to five days.

SquareTrade enables up to four claims per year per individual device plan, however many mobile insurance carriers limit annual claims to two per plan. Family plans allow for up to eight claims per year, which is very useful for families who have many devices, both cellular and non-cellular.


  • Protection for all mobile devices, irrespective of brand, model, or year of manufacture
  • Between four and eight claims are permitted each year.
  • Cost-effective options for family coverage


  • Mail-in repairs are time-consuming.
  • For older phones, the deductible may be greater.


The fact that AppleCare+ offers reasonably priced protection that is tailored to the iPhone as well as other Apple products makes it the optimal choice for iPhone owners.

Due to the fact that a brand-new iPhone may easily cost close to $1,000, purchasing insurance might be a good idea. Customers who are looking for the best insurance may prefer to purchase it directly from Apple, despite the fact that the vast majority of mobile phone insurance providers are happy to cover iPhones. With AppleCare+, protecting a phone and receiving continuing support from professionals who are familiar with the hardware, operating system, and applications that make Apple products stand out from the competition is a breeze. Because of this, we believe that AppleCare+ is the most advantageous choice for iPhone owners.

AppleCare is comprised of two distinct insurance plans: AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss Coverage. Both insurance give protection against unintentional damage up to a maximum of two times per year and provide coverage in the event that a battery retains 80% or less of its original charging capacity. If you purchase AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, you will have additional protection in the event that your device is stolen or lost.

In addition, having an AppleCare+ membership grants you priority access to Apple specialists via phone or chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as onsite services (such as screen repairs), express replacement services, and mail-in repair alternatives with prepaid delivery. Customers who have AppleCare+ can bring their devices to any Apple Store or Apple Authorized service provider for in-person diagnostics and repairs.

If a consumer is thinking about obtaining AppleCare+ for their iPhone, the optimal time to do so is during the first 60 days of owning the device. If that window has already closed, adding a policy may require a trip to an Apple Store in order to be completed.


  • Apple-certified parts and technicians
  • Policy choices for theft and loss
  • Premiums are low.


  • Only applies to Apple devices.
  • Additional application processes if you are beginning a policy 60 days or more after the first iPhone purchase

Samsung Care+

Samsung Care+ is an excellent alternative for Samsung phone customers because it provides expert help and has no deductible for mechanical issues.

Samsung has long been a leader in smartphone technology, so it stands to reason that they also provide phone insurance. Samsung Care+, like AppleCare+, harnesses the experience of Samsung experts to provide Samsung users with reasonable and dependable repairs. As a result, Samsung Care+ is the top service provider for Samsung subscribers.

Accidental damage, liquid spills, and screen cracks are all covered by Samsung Care+ insurance contracts. After the 12-month manufacturer warranty expires, policyholders receive an extended warranty that covers against mechanical and electrical faults.

Customers with Samsung Care+ have access to 24/7 support, and if their phone requires repairs, they can be confident that they will receive original Samsung components and that their phone will be repaired by a Samsung professional.


  • Expert Samsung assistance
  • Some devices have low premiums.
  • Mechanical breakdown claims have no deductible.


  • High premiums for some devices


Because of AKKO’s innovative approach to mobile phone insurance, the company’s policyholders can take benefit of premiums that are among the most affordable in the business. As a result, AKKO is the finest service provider for mobile phone owners who are on a tight budget.

AKKO was established in 2019, making them a relatively young player in the industry; nonetheless, they have gained notice for offering consistently low rates for their mobile phone insurance plans. AKKO is one of the greatest suppliers for anyone who is concerned about their financial situation because it offers coverage alternatives beginning at just $5 per month.

One of the aspects that sets AKKO different from competing insurance providers is the manner in which they handle claims. Customers of AKKO will not automatically be given a replacement device; rather, they will be given cash depending on the worth of the item’s replacement, less any deductible that may apply. In a similar vein, in the event that they require their phone to be fixed, AKKO will either pay the repair shop directly or send them the cash equivalent of the cost of the repairs.

AKKO provides customers with the option to choose between two different plans: the Phone Only plan and the Everything Protected plan. Basic phone protection is included with both of these options. This protection covers things like cracked screens, liquid damage, accidental damage (such drops), theft and vandalism, as well as damage caused by natural catastrophes (e.g., fire, flood, etc.).

The Everything Protected plan from AKKO provides coverage for up to 25 additional electrical goods, including the policyholder’s own tablets, computers, and video games.


  • Low premiums on a monthly basis
  • Other electronic devices are sometimes included under coverage.
  • Multi-policy discounts
  • Student discounts


  • Coverage is limited for lost phones.
  • AKKO determines the replacement value.


Progressive allows clients to tailor their smartphone insurance policies depending on device type, coverage amount, and policy duration, making this well-known insurer a fantastic supplier for customers who seek options.

Progressive is well-known for their homeowners and vehicle insurance policies, but they also provide a gadget protection plan that includes coverage for smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, and other devices. Progressive is ideal for anyone seeking for a policy with a variety of options because the coverage is extremely customizable and offers reasonable multi-device plans.

Progressive’s phone and device insurance covers cover theft and damage, including water damage, drops and unintentional damage, cracked screens, and damage caused by fire, flood, or natural catastrophe. Coverage commences the moment the insurance is activated, regardless of how old the phone is. Progressive’s gadget protection plan excludes manufacturer flaws as well as problems caused by normal wear and tear.

Customers can also package multiple device protection policies, allowing them to effortlessly cover every phone in the family as well as any extra gadgets such as video games, computers, and more.


  • Plans with many devices
  • Coverage that is customizable
  • Progressive consumers receive a discount.


  • For two- and three-year coverage, full payment is necessary.
  • Does not cover problems caused by the manufacturer.


Customers can use cellphone insurance to protect their devices and avoid costly repairs or replacements. Finding the correct insurance provider may be as simple as signing up for insurance through a wireless provider or the device maker in some situations. This is true for companies such as Asurion, AppleCare+, and Samsung Care+.

Another excellent source of coverage for customers is their house or auto insurance provider. Progressive and AllState (SquareTrade) both provide smartphone insurance coverage with affordable premiums and deductibles, which may uncover existing consumer savings. If neither of those solutions is suitable, new and alternative providers such as AKKO may offer enough coverage at reasonable prices.


How Much Cell Phone Insurance Do I Need?

Cellphone insurance providers usually base coverage amounts on the manufacturer, model, and age of the phone to be insured. If you must determine the value of your insurance, it is best to insure your phone for its market value. In the case that your phone cannot be fixed, doing so may make it easier to get or purchase a comparable replacement.

How Much Does Cell Phone Insurance Cost?

Cellphone insurance costs vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and age of the phone, as well as the insurance provider you choose. Policies typically range from $5 to $20 per month, with the majority sitting firmly in the center.

Is it Worth It to Pay for Mobile Phone insurance?

If you frequently break or lose your phone, or if you can’t afford the upfront fees involved with repairs or device replacements, purchasing cellphone insurance might be an investment that is worth making up for. This is especially important to keep in mind when it comes to cellphones, as it is not uncommon for these devices to cost several hundred dollars to replace. If you are financing a phone and would need to make payments on the damaged phone while also purchasing a new phone, then purchasing insurance for your smartphone can be a good idea.

Can You Insure a Used Cellphone?

You may get coverage for a used phone through a good number of different insurance companies. On the other hand, in certain circumstances, you could be required to carry out a few more steps. Customers who have AppleCare+ can, for instance, insure their iPhones within the first 60 days after purchasing them. After that point, customers will be required to bring their device into an Apple retail store in order to have it inspected before they will be able to buy an insurance.

How We Chose the Best Insurance for Our Mobile Phones

We investigated 11 smartphone insurance providers and rated each one based on aspects such as cost, coverage, policy options, and consumer feedback. First, we looked at what each policy covered, with a concentration on plans that, at a least, covered accidental damage, liquid spills/submersion, and theft. Then we compared premiums and deductibles to locate the most cost-effective and comprehensive policies. Finally, we identified any additional perks or features that may be used to match each provider to a certain client profile.

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