Best Aircraft Insurance in 2022

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In this article we will know about best Aircraft Insurance in 2022.

Best Aircraft Insurance in 2022
Best Aircraft Insurance in 2022

If your work or interests have led you to a seat in the cockpit, the proper aviation insurance will protect you and your passengers. Even if your state or federal government does not mandate airplane insurance, a simple coverage can protect you and your aircraft from the financial consequences of aviation accidents or other sorts of damage. Weather-related damage, vandalism, or property damage, as well as any damage or accidents that may occur while in flight or on the ground, are all covered.

A decent airplane insurance policy will give basic liability insurance at a least, with the flexibility to tailor your policy based on your needs, budget, and any relevant conditions or coverage requirements (e.g., flights to Alaska, vintage planes, instructional needs). Continue reading to find out which airplane insurance provider is best for you.

The Best Aircraft Insurance in 2022

  • Best Overall: BWI Fly
  • Best for Veterans: USAA
  • Best for Commercial Aviation: Wings
  • Best for Renters: AssuredPartners Aerospace
  • Best for Vintage Aircraft Insurance: EAA
  • Best for Flying Clubs: Avemco


BWI Fly’s reputation for low prices, dependable customer service, and a diverse portfolio of policy types makes them an excellent choice for various types of aviation insurance.

BWI Fly is frequently regarded as one of the top aircraft insurance providers because they provide a diverse selection of policy options, exceptional customer service, and inexpensive coverage that can be tailored to your specific needs.

BWI’s policy solutions can meet both personal and commercial requirements. They also provide a plethora of specialized or specialty plans tailored to specific types of aircraft and owners, including as experimental aircraft, seaplanes, flying clubs, commercial drones, private jets, and aircraft charters. BWI general aviation coverage options include liability, aircraft hull, ground and flight, not in flight, and not in motion insurance, while coverage varies depending on policy and policyholder preferences.

For most consumers, BWI’s website gives quick and easy access to online estimates and claims, and their customer service is routinely rated as excellent. This service also features a multitude of educational tools that both novice and experienced pilots can benefit from.

Standard BWI aviation insurance policies start at $225 per year for up to $1 million in liability-only coverage, making them a cost-effective solution. Rates, on the other hand, might vary substantially depending on your insurance needs, experience level, and other common criteria, so it’s always advisable to seek out a customised quote.


  • Rates that are reasonable
  • Excellent client service
  • Several policy options


  • Not authorized to conduct business in the District of Columbia.
  • Certain actions are exempt from these policies (e.g. skydiving or aerial photography that required FAA Cert)


In addition to offering specialty insurance products and other financial services to active duty service members, veterans, and their families, USAA’s aviation insurance continues the company’s long-standing commitment to providing exceptional care for its customers.

In 1922, the USAA Insurance agency began operations as an auto insurance firm; however, since that time, the organization has expanded significantly and now offers a wide variety of services to USAA members and their families. This provides veterans with a one-stop shop for all of their insurance needs, including banking services, mortgages, house, vehicle, and health insurance, and even aviation insurance. USAA is the most popular choice for military personnel who are looking for aviation insurance. This is due to the fact that members receive devoted care from expert underwriters, as well as the ability to secure affordable annual premiums and other benefits.

The coverage provided by USAA extends to both private and commercial aircraft, in addition to aviation and agricultural enterprises. In addition to that, they offer non-owned liability insurance. Plans cover a wide variety of aircraft, such as conventional airplanes, helicopters, seaplanes, warbirds, and commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), which makes it simple to pick an insurance plan that is tailored to your particular aviation interests.

The type of aircraft, the requirements of the members, and the coverage that is chosen all influence the annual rates. There are plans available with annual premiums of less than one hundred dollars. You need to be a member of USAA in order to be eligible for aviation insurance through USAA. Get personalized price estimates by logging into their membership accounts with USAA or by getting in touch with the organization directly.


  • Prices that are competitive
  • Protection for the majority of different kinds of aircraft
  • Policies for businesses, individuals, and third parties are all available.


  • You must be a member of USAA.
  • Veterans, active-duty military members, and qualifying family members are not eligible.


Wings offers a diverse range of commercial and corporate insurance products, each with its own set of services and advantages designed to assist business owners save money.

Wings has specialized in aviation insurance since 1984, and they now provide global insurance solutions via a network of providers. All insurance are tailored to each client’s exact usage, coverage, and budgetary requirements, making them our first choice for commercial aviation protection.

Wing’s insurance cover all of the conventional bases for commercial customers, including aircraft hull and liability, cargo operations liability, pollution and environmental responsibility, products and finished operations, and property and ocean cargo coverage. However, if you’re searching for a really comprehensive insurance provider for your company, Wing’s workers’ compensation coverage and life insurance may set them apart from certain competitors.

Wings takes pride in a genuinely personalised underwriting process, and their goal is to locate the finest coverage for consumers in the United States and around the world. As a result, online fast quotes are not accessible. Fortunately, Wings agents are quick to respond and knowledgeable about the specific requirements of commercial aviation policyholders.


  • A comprehensive set of commercial policies
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Policies that are carefully crafted to match the demands of each customer


  • There is no instant online quote available.
  • There is little information available online.

AssuredPartners Aerospace

AssuredPartners Aerospace provides a wide range of affordably priced coverage for commercial and personal aviation needs, including renters insurance packages starting at $81 per year. This, together with different cost reduction chances, might make AssuredPartners an excellent choice for anyone who operates rented aircraft, including students and hobbyists.

AssuredPartners is a key partner of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and one of the nation’s top aviation insurance providers (AOPA). They provide commercial and personal insurance, as well as renters insurance, which consumers can acquire and bind online in minutes. When combined with their reasonable rates, AssuredPartners is our top option for airplane renters insurance.

Basic liability renters policies from AssuredPartner start at $81 per year, and additional coverage, such as property damage and bodily injury for passengers, is only $175 per year. That means you can add an extra layer of protection—one that goes beyond the limits of the aircraft owner’s policy—for less than $7 per month.

In addition, AssuredPartners provides discounts to qualified policyholders, which can make coverage even more inexpensive. Members of AOPA, for example, can save 5% on an aviation policy. Policyholders can save even more money if they go a year without filing a claim, as this entitles them to a 10% claims-free flying record discount, as well as accident forgiveness and deductible waiver.


  • AOPA members receive discounts.
  • Program for Forgiveness of Accidents
  • Low insurance prices for aircraft renters


  • Customer service rating is lower.
  • There is no online quote option.
  • Commercial use is not permitted.


For aviation enthusiasts across the country, the Experimental Aircraft Association offers a multitude of tools, including insurance alternatives. They provide specific aircraft coverage that are tailored to the specific needs of hobbyists who restore, repair, and fly antique planes, making them our choice for the finest vintage aircraft insurance provider.

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is a group of leisure pilots, restorers, and builders, many of whom are passionate in warbirds, antiques, and classic planes. They also offer members a variety of privileges, such as discounted insurance rates for historic planes and warbirds. As a result, we believe that EAA membership is the ideal alternative for Vintage Aircraft Association (VAA) and Warbirds of America (WOA) members.

The Falcon Insurance Agency administers EAA insurance, which includes general liability, emergency off-airport landing, use of other aircraft expansion, personal effects and baggage, legal defense, and loss of certification insurance coverage. Members who participate in instructional or educational programs, sightseeing, or airshow events are also eligible for optional coverage.

To make their policies more reasonable for vintage aviation enthusiasts and others, the EAA offers savings to policyholders who insure several aircrafts “In-motion” deductible credits for every year without a claim. Furthermore, because historic aircraft owners may not be in the air as frequently, they provide policyholders with the opportunity to discontinue in-motion coverage.


  • Owner repair options for claims
  • Multi-aircraft discounts
  • Convenient online chat


  • No online quotes available
  • Website provides limited policy information


Avemco provides excellent discounts and customizable policies that make it simple for flight clubs to add and remove members and set policies that meet the specific needs of each club.

For over 55 years, Avemco has been safeguarding pilots by working directly with aviation insurance specialists to design personalized coverage that meets the needs of each policyholder. Avemco is an excellent choice for flying clubs due to its low rates, customized programs, and safety-based discounts.

One of the key advantages of an Avemco flying club insurance is the possibility for each club to engage directly with an Aemco Aviation Insurance Specialist to design a policy that is tailored to each club’s specific needs. Avemco empowers policyholders even further by allowing them to join and remove members at any point during the policy year without having to contact Avemco or fill out needless paperwork.

Avemco’s flying club insurance covers cover property damage up to $100 million and bodily injury up to $100,000 per participant. Each coverage is tailored to the specific needs of each organization, removing the limits that frequently accompany a one-size-fits-all approach to insurance.

Policyholders can also take advantage of a variety of incentives, such as savings for hangaring the club’s aircraft and flying claim-free. Members can also take advantage of Avemco’s Safety Rewards discounts, which can cut premiums by up to 10% when approved flying training is completed.


  • Discounts for completing a safety program
  • Policies that are adaptable to changes in club membership
  • Excellent client service


  • Coverage and items differ according on the jurisdiction.
  • There are no corporate or commercial policies.
  • Multi-engine aircraft are not eligible.


Aircraft insurance, like home insurance, does not come in one size fits all, and the ideal provider for you is the one who best meets your demands. Some carriers, such as BWI Fly, give a variety of coverage options to meet the demands of any number of policyholders. Others, like as the EAA, may be better suited to extremely specific forms of coverage, such as historic aircraft.

The easiest method to get the greatest provider for you is to go straight to the source. Visit the provider’s website, request a quote, and then get in touch with their customer support staff or agents. This allows you to compare prices, coverage, and customer service.


What Is Aircraft Insurance Covered For?

Aircraft insurance is an umbrella word for insurance policies that cover single-engine planes, multi-engine planes, seaplanes, jets, drones, homebuilt planes, and other aircraft. Aircraft insurance coverage can cover both personal and commercial aircraft, as well as aircraft-related activities and equipment such as airports and hangars. Though policies vary, the following basic coverage options are commonly provided by aircraft insurance providers: public liability insurance, passenger liability insurance, ground risk hull insurance, and in-flight insurance.

Is Aircraft Insurance Required?

Although federal or state regulations do not require aviation insurance, if you own an aircraft, you should have it. You’ll need airplane insurance that covers you while your plane is in the air, on the ground, and even in the hangar. If you intend to have passengers on the premises, you must have insurance that covers them as well.

How Much Aircraft Insurance Do I Require?

There are no state or federal requirements for aviation insurance, unlike home or auto insurance, but it is prudent to have adequate coverage to cover the cost of your aircraft as well as any consequent costs related with an accident. This covers property damage, passenger injury, and aircraft damage.
Because there are no specified criteria, you should also consider your budget and fixed base operator (FBO) insurance requirements when deciding on coverage. An experienced airplane insurance company can also assist you in determining your requirements.

How Much Does Private Aircraft Insurance Cost?

Private airplane insurance prices range from less than $100 to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Your individualized rate will be determined by a variety of factors, including the type of aircraft to be insured, its intended use and number of passengers (if any), your flight history (or the flight history of anyone listed on the policy), and the type of coverage you select, including limits and deductibles.

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